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Units is a simple, yet elegantly designed unit converter. Unlike most other unit converters, Units looks and works a lot like a calculator. You punch in digits and Units does the conversion on the fly.

Units remembers the last used conversion units for each mode. Combinations that you use often can be saved for quick access via 3 user-assignable buttons.

Currency exchange rates are updated once a day from our server, but you can also do a manual fetch when you want to.

- Supports most common units, and a few specialized conversions


* "Best Casual Game" award from AppStoreApps.com
* 1st on iLounge's "100 Best Apps and Games"
* Gold Award from PocketGamer
* Slide To Play's "Must Have" award
* One of ABC News & WIRED's "10 Most Awesome iPhone Apps of 2008"
* Interactive Achievement Award finalist for "Cellular Game of the Year"

The first and the best! Released in July 2008, TRISM was the first ever Match-3 game to innovate using the iPhone's tilting feature. One of the most popular launch titles on the AppStore, TRISM has inspired countless others. In the spirit of smash hits


Tic-Tac-Touch FS5 is the world's best Tic-Tac-Toe game for the iPhone and iPod touch and it's now FREE!

5 out of 5 Stars - “Fun, Simple, Classic, Well-done, Good!”

- Multi-player support over the INTERNET via WiFi, EDGE or 3G!
- Multi-player support over your WiFi LOCAL NETWORK!
- 3 Levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
- Track scores up to 10 players!!
- Undo, Hint and "See Last Move Made" support!
- Adds network players automatically to track scores!


Thanks to everyone who has joined the One-Touch revolution. Now it’s your turn to discover the Tetris® game, re-imagined.


“…a whole new way to experience an old classic.” (Nadia Oxford, Slide To Play)

“…a fresh take on a favourite...[fuses] old with new for what proves to be a welcome update.” (Keith Andrew, Pocket Gamer)

“[OneTouch] is quite fantastic, and a perfect fit for touch screens.” (Dave Zuccarelli, Gamezebo)


iTeleport: a magical app that lets you access your computer from anywhere in the world.

Update on Dec 18, 2011: With iTeleport v5.4.0, the Lion multiple monitor issue has been fixed! Make sure you're connecting with Mac authentication. Also, with the latest update you can use every single key on your external Bluetooth keyboard (including Cmd, Ctrl, Opt, Shift) just as if you were connected to your remote computer! Read the most recent reviews to see how awesome our users think this is.

Supports Mac, Windows, Linux and all VNC servers. See your computer screen and control its keyboard and mouse from wherever: a few feet away, or even halfway around the world.

iTeleport is what many have called the best iPhone application ever...

Find your Zen, with the #1 top selling tangram game on the App Store! Over 550 puzzles!

With over 4 million players, and more than 55,000 five star ratings, TanZen has captured the hearts and minds of puzzle players around the world.

Choose a puzzle to solve, and try to fit all seven game pieces within the shaded puzzle area without overlapping. TanZen will recognize when the puzzle is finished. Pick up and play for two minutes, or two hours!


3D World War II Shooter

Do you like to drive tanks over rugged terrain, lob artillery shells into the far hills, and blow up lethal opponents lurking around every bend? If so, then Tank Ace 1944 is the game for you.

In Tank Ace 1944 you command a World War II tank charging to occupy the enemy capitol. Allied and Soviet Tank Aces advance on Berlin; German Aces advance on London and Moscow. At least that's what the orders from HQ say. But since you face overwhelming odds and are forced to scavenge supplies as you go, you might just find yourself retreating instead.


Let’s roll!  Guide a cute little monkey encased in a transparent ball to victory by tilting and rolling him through a variety of slopes and turns. You must navigate a large variety of obstacle courses to reach goal lines within set time limits. Collect as many bananas as you can along the way and you'll be able to increase your remaining lives.  Play through five worlds and 110 stages, designed to be fun for both first-time players and long-time Super Monkey Ball fans. Enjoy rich 3D graphics with an easy-to-master control system that utilizes the accelerometer inside your device. Insanely fun and addicting! 


"Among several strong contenders, Sudoku Unlimited is the best entry..." - Josh Clark, --Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders--

Sudoku Unlimited is a clean, simple to use version of the classic puzzle game enjoyed by millions around the world. As sudoku-lovers (addicts) ourselves, we added the features that we personally couldn't live without:

- A puzzle generator that makes every puzzle instantly from scratch, so you'll never run out of fresh challenges, regardless of your skill level.


Become the captain of the stars in this 3D arcade style space shooter. Dodge asteroids, watch out for proximity mines, and battle a never ending stream of enemy ships bent on your destruction.

StarSmasher has two gameplay modes: Energy Monger and Free Flight. Energy Monger is 30 levels of increasingly difficult high-octane space shooting. The idea is to collect as many blue energy orbs as possible to progress to the next level. There are also two bonus levels that are attainable and challenge your piloting skills rather than your shooting ability.

Free flight mode is just that: free flight through a dense asteroid belt.


Help Butters save Imaginationland! Collect items using his bouncing skills to clear over 60 levels of fun.

"Great graphics coupled with good sound and voice acting provide an immersive experience for the player." - Macworld.com


Based on the Emmy® winning South Park Imaginationland movie, the epic battle for good and evil continues on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

You must help Butters save mankind’s imagination from a horrible fate! Take on this challenge by using Butter’s Bouncing


Explore, duck and dodge your way to escape the planet's gravitational pull! Win and unlock Flip Mode to play the entire game backwards!

You are tasked with piloting a ship through a series of 3D celestial challenges. You have an afterburner providing forward thrust and lift jets to keep you afloat.

Steer your ship through 4 obstacles and across 12 levels of game play while trying to collect 3 types of pickups to assist you. Your ship has a shield generator and 3 lives to help along the way. Each level has different rich graphics and feature a spectacular 3D astronomical experience throughout.


★ My Sketch is the best sketch app in appstore with more than 9 million users worldwide!

★★Customer's Reviews★★

✔ THE best sketch maker in appstore
✔ This app is amazing..!!
✔ So much fun..
✔ Worth every penny!!
✔ Great app, a must to have !


✔ Featured by Apple for New and Noteworthy
✔ Achieved Top 5 paid iPad Photography
✔ Achieved Top 10 paid iPhone Photography


Ultimate Shuffleboard brings the classic tabletop experience to your iPhone. Start your game by connecting 2+ iPhones over the same WiFi or Bluetooth. Then unleash your wicked shuffleboard skills! This is the perfect game for family night, happy hour, or just hangin’ out with friends.


• Multi-player game (up to eight iPhones)
• Easy and fun to play!
• Dynamic sound
• Responsive puck movement
• Option for automatic scoring or manual tallying
• Interactive training tutorial

Shout It is a cool little iPhone app that helps you get your message across the room when it?s to loud to shout. Simply type in your message and Shout It will Shout your message in large text across your screen.

If you're in a loud room or you just wanna super-chic way of saying "Hey" to that stranger across the room, why not use your iPhone? You write the message and watch as heads turn to see your message scrolling across your iPhone in large text like a marquee. Use it to find your friends in a crowd or send a message to the driver next to you. Great for finding your friends in movies, restaurants, and other crowded events. Don't just say it, shout it!

In addition to standard characters, now you can add symbols,


** Welcome to the all-new SCRABBLE! With crisper graphics, faster load times, and improved chat – it’s never been easier (or more fun) to connect and play SCRABBLE with friends! **

CONNECT WITH FRIENDS. PLAY WITH WORDS. Get a game of SCRABBLE going with just about anyone! The original word game you know and love is now better than ever.

• Challenge friends via Facebook and more
• Find an instant opponent with a single touch
• Play solo against the computer
• Get up to 50 games going at once – more than any word game on the App Store


Recorder 10 introduces an optional outgoing call recording service for pennies per minute! Since we have to work directly with the phone company to provide this service, there is a usage fee, and it only works in the US.

Recorder is your one-button audio recording solution. Check out our site to see a video of it in action


(please note that Recorder requires iOS 3.1.3 or later!)

1) Record for seconds or hours.


The lite version lets you try the game for FREE. Unlock and purchase the full version at the entrance to the three themed lands.

Critics LOVE Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo!

• “What really makes this app special, however is the storyline and the challenges...Putt-Putt is just so engaging.” - Apptudes
• “Kid-friendly and enthusiastic..” - Wired’s Geek Dad
• “There are so many things to play and interact with in the scenery of each game screen...” - AppAddict (4.5/5: Excellent)


Play 8-ball pool on your mobile device against your friend.

The object of the game is to pocket your set of assigned balls (solid or striped) and finally pocket black ball to designated pocket.

Game features:

- one or two players modes
- for left and right hands
- real 3D ball animation
- hint for precise aiming

Good luck and enjoy the game!


PocketMoney gives you the most features, at the least cost, in an effective user interface. Find out why AppAdvice.com says: "The app is easy to use that in fact, it is fast-becoming my most-used app on my iPad."

Need to track your finances on multiple iPhones, iPads, iPods or desktops? PocketMoney can do that, too. Sync multiple iOS devices together over Wi-Fi or to the PocketMoney desktop app on OS X, Windows, and Linux (www.catamount.com).
The system is simple, and a minute a day using PocketMoney will help you navigate through the pitfalls of the current economy.


The #1 Solitaire game for the iPhone!
"It's a tried-and-true favourite, and of the various versions of solitaire in the App Store, Gameloft's is the flashiest." IGN, the reference in mobile gaming.

6 Solitaire games in one, 8.5/10 average in reviews, 2 gold awards.

The ultimate game of patience:
• Shake your iPhone to shuffle the cards!
• 6 games in one: Traditional Solitaire, Golf, FreeCell, Pyramid, Spider, and Yukon.
• Move all your cards with the tip of your finger!
• 6 trendy casino environments, each with its fully-animated dealer.
• Betting adds the adrenaline rush of simulated gambling to gameplay.


Attention! Pinball HD 4 iPhone supports only iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4, and all iPod Touch 3rd gen devices except 8GB model!


Apple Design Award 2010 winner Pinball HD now available for iPhone with MULTIPLAYER FEATURES and RETINA graphics!

Multiplayer help:

- connect both iPhones to one WiFi or via bluetooth
- choose CREATE game on the first device
- choose JOIN to game on the second device

Improve your stored images and camera photographs with this application. Picoli is the photo retouching program for your iPhone. Thanks to an array of high quality filters and sophisticated image processing algorithms, you can professionally edit and improve your pictures. Get excellent results quickly with these easy to use features. A portable photo studio in your telephone! Get it now.


- Load pictures from your photo album or take new photos with your camera (iPhone only)

- Save your retouched pictures in your photo album (full 2MP resolution) and email and synchronize them as you are used to.


App Summary: Take Photobucket with you on your iPhone! Upload all your special moments directly to your Photobucket albums. Existing photos AND VIDEOS can be uploaded from your camera roll, and new shots and clips can be uploaded from within the camera app. Looking for entertainment during moments of downtime? Find Stuff categories have billions of photos and videos for you to view, and you can download photos to your phone for FREE to use as wallpapers, contact IDs, and more. You can even share your photos, videos, and albums to Facebook or Twitter right from your phone, fast and easy.

Photos also include geo-tags! E.g., you snap a picture of a famous monument or building, and geo-tagging recognizes your location. When you geo-tag the photos you take in the app, your location is automatically uploaded with your photos so your friends and family know where you were! Easy to turn on and off. In the app, you can upload pictures and videos in the "background" with the media queue when doing other tasks.


ATTENTION JIRBO FANS: our mesmerizing new 3D fish game, Tap Reef has launched for iPhone and iPad. Check out tapreef.com to download the game!


Sequel to the #1 sports app in the App Store, Paper Football 3D brings the acclaimed and popular classic into true 3D glory.

Flick the paper football back and forth across the table in the ultimate test of finger dominance - or play kick mode and launch the paper football into the air again and again... until your own nerves break you!


NetSketch sports a powerful vector graphics engine that has been fine-tuned for mobile artists. Create detailed drawings with infinite pan and zoom, a full-spectrum color picker, and a fast eyedropper tool. When you zoom in, you get smooth, accurate lines - not huge pixels. Need to draw 2000 individual blades of grass? No problem. You can draw at any level, so it’s easy to add detail to your work!

Bored in class? Passing notes is so old-school. Take NetSketch to a meeting or lecture and use it's WiFi sharing features to draw with people on other iPhones in real-time. Play tic-tac-toe with your buddy during that boring class, or sketch out what your boss has been trying to explain for hours. It's simple and fun!

For all you out there willing to shell out a few bucks for the convenience of hassle-free iPhone tethering (”tethering” is a method that allows your laptop to use your mobile phone’s wireless data connection to surf the web, check email, etc.), a new iPhone application has hit the AppStore… again.
NetShare, the iPhone application that allows you to tether your iPhone or iPhone 3G to your computer with a simple button-press, went live in the AppStore yesterday. Then it disappeared. Now it’s back again. Whatever the reason for the mysterious disappearance, NetShare seems to be back online and ready to do your iPhone internet connection share bidding.


Now Supporting Apple Game Center!!

Ms. PAC-MAN by Namco is one of the most popular video games in American arcade history! Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent outrunning ghosts and chomping dots? Re-live the retro action on your iPhone with the queen of the arcades! Move Ms. PAC-MAN with three different control modes! Dodge pesky ghosts by tilting or rotating your iPhone in Accelerometer Mode. Navigate through the mazes by touching the onscreen Directional Pad in D-Pad Mode. Chomp on dots with the swipe of a finger in Swipe Mode. Munch fruits and other items for big points! Chomp all of the dots to advance to the next stage. Go for high scores and high levels! Gain an extra life at 10,000 points! Gobble blinking Power Pellets to weaken ghosts temporarily and eat them up before they change back. Avoid Blinky, the leader of the ghosts, and his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky and Sue, or you will lose a life. Lose all your lives and it’s game over!


The definitive motorbike game series is back!

Celebrate Moto Racer’s 15th anniversary and discover the best circuits of the series in high definition with competitors fiercest than ever!


MOTO GP: Hit speeds of over 300 km/h as you race flat out against the toughest of rivals.

SUPERCROSS: Go head-to-head with your rivals in all-terrain races and tease them with your fanciest tricks.


mondo Solitaire is the ultimate Solitaire experience for your iPhone or iPod touch. With over 100 games and over 200 different combinations of gameplay, you're sure to find your favorites, such as Klondike and FreeCell, plus many new games to discover, like Angkor Wat and Xerces.

mondo Solitaire's beautiful, crisp graphics let you easily identify your cards and assess your current move. Clever tools like the magnifying glass and the paper clip help you intuitively manage your game.

A familiar library search lets you sort and select all of your games -- by name, style, favorites, and even


The classic labyrinth game where you control a steel ball by tilting a wooden labyrinth. Download and play over 1000 levels created by the community.

-Download new levels directly from within the game.
- 1000+ (yes one thousand) levels.
-60 FPS (Frames Per Second) gameplay.
-Optional 3d-walls, changing perspective when tilting phone.
-Physics simulation when falling into holes. Makes it possible to slide on a hole edge without falling.
-A carpenter level with calibration.
-Autosaving of completed levels.
-Easy starting levels for newbie players.
-Tactile feedback.
-Many more...

"iPhones are already great, but how you got this to work SO well and SO realistically is nothing short of incredible." - Stan
"This is really amazing! Looks great, feels like real, simply fantastic!" - Thomas


★ "Best iPhone apps" - CNN Money Magazine

★ 50 Most Useful iPhone Apps (Best Expenses App) - LAPTOP Magazine.

★ "Best iPhone Apps: Office and Personal Productivity" - PC World

★ "UK CNET's Home Screen Awards: Best Finance App"
★ UK CNET's Home Screen Awards: Best Finance App "..this app isn't one of the sexier uses for iPhone. It's mightily useful, however, for anyone looking to track expenses or plan a monthly budget. The interface is clean and quick to use, with good visual representations of your spending by category. It feels secure too -- a concern for many corporate users -- with password protection and the ability to backup and restore data at will. And if you want a gimmick -- but a genuinely

iNetwork Test allows you to test the speed of the network you are connected to. The app stores the last 10 results including the speed and location of the test. iNetworkTest.Com is building a global network of performance information for the iPhone and iPod Touch

- In app map of each test taken
- Measure Download Speed
- Measure Upload Speed
- Measure Latency with a Ping test
- Create an account and store all your results in your online profile with a custom map!

iNetwork Test allows you to measure the download speed of the Internet connection your device is connected to as well as the latency of the network and the upload speed. The application stores your results on the device. Results can be voluntarily transmitted to the

Drink milk and shake whipped cream from the comfort of your trouser pocket. A portable dairy farm for your iPhone and iPod touch.
This hilarious sight-gag is fully interactive and behaves like a real glass of milk thanks to the iPhone sensors and our spare time.
Tilt to sip, shake for foam or whipped cream. Even pour iMilk from iPhone to iPhone.

You've seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favourite paper. Now it can be yours!
Bonus burp included.
Mixes just fine with our iBeer.
Get it today and forever wave goodbye to your lactose intolerance.


iJezzball is a wonderfully addictive and simple puzzle game. The object of iJezzball is to break up the playing field by making walls while avoiding atoms. iJezzball features:

* 20 challenging levels
* 20 beautiful backgrounds
* Fluid 3D graphics
* Striking sound effects
* Sound enable allowing iPod playback
* High scores list


Yes. You heard it right. Free.

Over 8,500 Drink & Cocktail recipes at the tap of your fingertips. Now you know what bartenders are putting into your expensive drinks. Drink & Cocktail Recipes databases typically cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. We're giving it away to you for free.

* Add favorite drink recipes to your favorites list
* Browse through all of the drinks easily through an indexed list
* Use the search bar to easily find a specific recipe
* Jump to a drink category and find related drinks
* Or take a little risk and find yourself a random drink.


Drink beer on your iPhone. This hilarious visual gag converts your iPhone into a glass of beer thanks to the iPhone sensors and our spare time.
Get this award-winning app for FREE now. The funniest way to explain why iPhones are better…

"Best iPhone app" (CNN & NY Times)
"Must-have iPhone app" (FORTUNE & TIME)
"Top 10 iPod touch app" (Newsweek)
"iTunes Bestseller Awards" (Apple Charts)


***Enhanced for the new iPad Retina display***

GuitarToolkit 2.0 is a huge new release of one of the App Store’s top-rated apps for guitar players. GuitarToolkit 2.0 features an all-new iPad version that is free for existing customers, and GuitarToolkit+, an amazing new in-app purchase that adds interactive Chord Sheets, Custom Instruments, and Advanced Metronome with a powerful drum machine.

GuitarToolkit is a collection of essential guitar tools, including an extremely accurate tuner, a precision metronome and a massive library of chords, scales and arpeggios - all on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

An App Store iPhone Hall of Fame App.



"Galcon is a must. It's what you might call 'Space Risk In
Real-Time.'" - Penny Arcade

"Galcon offers fast-paced gameplay - just the thing for a quick bus journey but with solid enough strategy element to keep you coming back." - Kotaku

"Galcon had me hooked at the first game." - touchArcade

Galcon won the "Innovation in Game Design" IGFM Award

*** Also featuring ONLINE MULTI-PLAYER Action!!! ***


FlipBook® and FlipBook Lite are the #1 animation apps for your iPhone, with well over 2 million downloads! Easily make your doodles come to life and share them with your friends. FlipBook has everything you need to get started animating, from an eraser to onion skinning (which lets you see a faint image of the previous and next frames) to layered drawing. Load images from your photo library, including images taken with your iPhone's camera, and draw on top of them. If you make a mistake, just touch Undo. Touch Play when you're ready to see how your movie looks. Share your movie by uploading it to flipbook.tv so that everyone can see it. FlipBook puts animation into your hands.

Macworld gave FlipBook 5 mice and said that "FlipBook gives users a canvas for creating something special."


FileMagnet makes it easy to copy files from your computer onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. View all the popular file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office, RTF, and iWork '09, even when you're not connected to the internet. Transferring files is effortless — transfer files via iTunes, or wirelessly using a free program available for both Mac and Windows.

Get a lot of files in the mail? The iOS Mail program will show a "Open in FileMagnet" button so you can quickly save attachments. Want to share a file via e-mail? The email button allows you to send a file to your friends while on the go.

Keep your important documents, movies, and pictures in your pocket; then view them on the go whenever you need them. Want some privacy? Set a password to keep your files safe from prying eyes


Now featuring built-in iCloud support for free backup and sharing wallets between iOS 5 devices!

Don't take risks with your passwords, account info, card numbers, or IDs. Keep them protected, secure, and easy to access in eWallet®. Your passwords are very important - just think about it. All your money, your bank accounts, financial info, health info, credit cards, insurance, and everything else you need to keep private is protected by passwords. They're not just for email, Facebook and Twitter.

So when you're looking for a password manager, pick one you can trust.


• Voted "Best iPhone Game" at Apple's WWDC '08
• 2008 Austin GDC Independent Games Festival Showcase Winner!
• "Best Puzzle Game" from appstoreapps.com
• "Best Puzzle Game 2008" from Best App Ever Awards

Enigmo is a 3D puzzle game where you direct animated streams of flowing liquid so that the droplets get to their destination. Water, Oil, and Lava fall from Droppers and bounce around the walls of the puzzle. You move and rotate various types of bumpers, sliders, accelerators, and sponges in order to divert the flow of the falling droplets. The faster you complete each of the 50 levels, the more bonus points you receive.

Nominated for the 2009 IGF mobile awards:
• “Best iPhone Game”
• “Excellence in Art”

“A fun and unique puzzle game with superb production value”
- Tilt Gamer

• MUST HAVE - 4/4
“‘Dizzy Bee’ is a blast to play from start to finish”
Slide to Play

“Igloo Games has released one of the more inventive games for the iPhone OS. It’s a great accelerometer game that’s not to be missed.”
- 148 Apps

Every ride in Disneyland starts with a stern warning: keep your arms and legs inside the car. For a grown adult, it's an obvious request to prevent park hoppers from losing a limb; yet for those caught up in the amusement of Magic Kingdom, it's a necessary reminder. You may already know to keep your appendages within your seat, but it doesn't hurt to be nagged.

In Disney's All-Star Cards, however, it does. It's not entirely unreasonable for the developers to assume you might already know how to play Go Fish, Hearts and Crazy 8's, but it's also a dangerous tactic.

Obviously, featuring a Disney cast, this is a game for the younger players, so extra attention should have been given to easing them onto the card table.

And yet the instructions verge on nonsense. Even if we were to overlook the absence of paragraphs, grammar or a readable font, each game's lengthy instruction sheet is immensely hard to follow, especially for the younger market this title is clearly aimed at.

The inclusion of directions isn't questioned here, but rather the poor way in which they been composed to invoke more confusion than know-how.

Three of the four games are explained in this same torturous fashion, while the fourth is a bland dexterity challenge where you've to flick cards into a hat. The instructions for that one actually aren't too bad - but you don't need them.

A digital card game also has to compensate for the lack of a physical deck, which is somewhat alleviated by the tactile nature of the iPhone. Amazingly enough, All-Star Cards doesn't offer any explanation on how to handle your digital deck.

Switching between opponents, moving cards, dealing and sorting your own hand isn't a particularly taxing system, but throwing cards away as you attempt to fathom it out only adds to the mounting frustration.

Perhaps if you have a particular penchant for Disney's characters you can find some cutesy enjoyment in playing cards against their perpetually smiling faces. It's only likely to disappoint and bore any kids who choose this game based on the inclusion of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and the others.

Moreover, you'll be required to spend more time than it's worth trying to teach them how to play. You'd be far better off with a copy of The Lion King running in the background while you play the same games with a real deck of cards.



Let the good times roll on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with these 3D virtual dice. Play just about any dice game you want with style and convenience by taking advantage of your device's advanced features. Great for playing games while on the road or when a large flat surface is not available.

A major part of this app's value comes from its simple, easy to use and un-cluttered interface. If you need features like "yes/no" dice, 50 different backgrounds or other "extras" then please check out some of the other dice apps. However, if you want the easiest to use dice app with the most streamlined interface for playing your favorite game, then look no further.

Critter Crunch won IGN Wireless's Best Puzzle Game for 2007 -- and none of the heat is lost in this superlative port to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Capybara Games' clever puzzler is a joy from one end to the other, offering addictive gameplay wrapped in an outrageously adorable package. Simply put, it is one of the best launch games for Apple's new App Store and a must-buy for any puzzle game fan.

By sliding your finger along the bottom of the touch-screen, you control Biggs, a ravenous fella that chows down on insects and then spits them back out into the waiting maws of even bigger bugs. By playing with the food chain -- feeding smaller bugs to largest predators -- you rack up impressive combos. Feed two small bugs to a medium-sized bug and it pops. Feed two


** iOS 5.0 Compatible **

Make your photos come alive by giving them the Comic Touch. Add balloons to give your subjects thoughts and words. Add captions to describe the scene or give the photo a title.

Use the PhotoBooth-style warping effects to add some fun. Turn people into caricatures of themselves or give them bizarre expressions. Endless fun!

Share your creations via email or save them back to the Photo Library for even more sharing options.

Say goodbye to Marker Felt. Comic Touch uses a real comic lettering font on the iPhone/iPod Touch!


2 in 1 addictive puzzle fun! Take the challenge in a double dose of classic puzzle games from SEGA - Columns and Puyo POP! Return to ancient Phoenicia and behold the jeweled Columns as you strategically align falling gems across, down or diagonally. Let the screen fill with gems and its game over. In Puyo Pop, race against the clock to match color groups of cute gelatinous Puyo’s and create chain reactions as they fall. Play against the clock or take on the computer in your phone for hours of challenging gameplay. Easy to pick up, difficult to master and fiendishly addicting!


IMAK Creations presents ColorTilt - our most popular art application with over 50,000 sales and once the #3 paid app in the App Store. Spend 10 minutes with ColorTilt and you'll never doodle the same again! With ColorTilt, you can create one-of-a-kind artwork that is impossible to create by any other method.


✔ 4,096 different colors!
✔ An RGB color picker (by popular demand)
✔ An invisible color-wheel (the only one in the world)
✔ Tap-to-hide/unhide controls
✔ Corner button takes a screen shot and saves your artwork to your photo library