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iNetwork Test allows you to test the speed of the network you are connected to. The app stores the last 10 results including the speed and location of the test. iNetworkTest.Com is building a global network of performance information for the iPhone and iPod Touch

- In app map of each test taken
- Measure Download Speed
- Measure Upload Speed
- Measure Latency with a Ping test
- Create an account and store all your results in your online profile with a custom map!

iNetwork Test allows you to measure the download speed of the Internet connection your device is connected to as well as the latency of the network and the upload speed. The application stores your results on the device. Results can be voluntarily transmitted to the iNetworkTest.com website, building a global database of performance information for the iPhone/iPod Touch on WiFi, Edge, and 3G networks. Additionally, you can choose to sign up for a free account that will store all your results online; plotting them on a custom map


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