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Drink beer on your iPhone. This hilarious visual gag converts your iPhone into a glass of beer thanks to the iPhone sensors and our spare time.
Get this award-winning app for FREE now. The funniest way to explain why iPhones are better…

"Best iPhone app" (CNN & NY Times)
"Must-have iPhone app" (FORTUNE & TIME)
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Tilt to drink, shake for foam, even pour iBeer from iPhone to iPhone. Watch as your phone fills with beer, then drink it. It's amazing!

You've seen it on TV, YouTube, and read about it in your favorite paper. Now it can be yours for FREE!
Bonus burp included. So realistic it'll fool a bartender!
Get it today and stop those hangovers forever!

• Brew
• Drink
• Shake (foam)
• Burp (on/off)

• BlueTooth and WIFI drink sharing
• Custom backgrounds FREE
• Milk, Water, Cola, Chocolate, Champagne, Wine etc. available inside (optional)
• Ad removal includes different beer flavors, Mouthwash and FREE Coffee
• Live-camera view as background optional
• Hilarious Celebrity Voices instead of burp (optional)
• Trick Voice Activation & Card Scanner
• Free Vending Machine Interface
• Astonishing interactive realism
• Multi level elastic foam
• Touchable bubbles, slime, and condensation
• Customize look, sound, and action


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