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Improve your stored images and camera photographs with this application. Picoli is the photo retouching program for your iPhone. Thanks to an array of high quality filters and sophisticated image processing algorithms, you can professionally edit and improve your pictures. Get excellent results quickly with these easy to use features. A portable photo studio in your telephone! Get it now.


- Load pictures from your photo album or take new photos with your camera (iPhone only)

- Save your retouched pictures in your photo album (full 2MP resolution) and email and synchronize them as you are used to.

- Use one or more Picoli filters from this application package to improve your images:

> Brightness: lightens pictures that are too dark
> Sharpness: sharpens blurred photos
> Saturation: changes color intensity
> Illumination: enhances underexposed images
> Contrast: improves contrast for a clearer image
> Color Balance: creates cool or warm color nuances
> Sepia: Adds a yellowish brown tone
> Color Dither: generates a color halftone image
> Gray Dither: achieves a gray halftone effect
> Night Vision: simulates a view through night-vision glasses
> Sunburn: gives an image a sunburned touch
> Additional filters like rotating and mirroring images.

Picoli is quick and easy - try it once, use it always.



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