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Shout It is a cool little iPhone app that helps you get your message across the room when it?s to loud to shout. Simply type in your message and Shout It will Shout your message in large text across your screen.

If you're in a loud room or you just wanna super-chic way of saying "Hey" to that stranger across the room, why not use your iPhone? You write the message and watch as heads turn to see your message scrolling across your iPhone in large text like a marquee. Use it to find your friends in a crowd or send a message to the driver next to you. Great for finding your friends in movies, restaurants, and other crowded events. Don't just say it, shout it!

In addition to standard characters, now you can add symbols,
including a spade, diamond, club, heart, check, skull, biohazard, radioactive, ying yang, male & female symbols, peace sign, the sun, a cloud, umbrella, snowman, shooting star and more!

Also, this version delivers support for colors (text and background) allowing you to choose between black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue or white.

Mirroring the Settings screen, when you are in the List View showing all of your messages, the upper dot indicates the text color and the lower dot indicates the background color.

You've never had a better marquee. Now if only there were an easy way to walk around with this as your belt buckle.

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New features:
Colors! Change background and text colors.
Symbols! Add special characters and symbols to your messages to make them even more personal.
Speed! Vary the speed of the message scrolling.
What's new in Version 2.1


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