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JellyCar for iPhone 

Jellycar is a game where you control a squishy, magically-expanding car through several different levels of physics-based gameplay. It started life on the Xbox 360, and now it's available as a free iPhone/iPod Touch game through the iTunes App Store. The iPhone is the perfect platform for Jellycar, because it's just plain fun to use the touchscreen "pinching" motion and the accelerometer to control your car.

The thing is, Jellycar is pretty dang hard to get the hang of. I'm pretty sure there are still some tricks I haven't been able to figure out how to
make the car do. It's also tricky at first to growing or shrink the car instead of the cool, graph-paper sketch background. The graphics in Jellycar are simple, but they're unique and weirdly appealing. There's definitely plenty of time to be wasted here if you have the patience to get good at it.



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