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Audi A4 Driving Challenge Review
Audi A4 Driving Challenge is a single player commercial racing game from Audio of America. Players take control of an Audi A4 in top down perspective and attempt to race around a series of five unique tracks each lasting three laps. Audi A4 Driving challenge is a free download from the Apple iTunes App store and features a lap timer, course timer, lap counter and mph display.
Audi A4 Driving Challenge Graphics
This racing game takes place on a piece of plain-as-it-gets asphalt with the courses marked off by tiny cones. The course graphics are incredibly dull for a racing game but achieve their intended purpose of keeping your eyes on the car and the logos. The Audi A4 looks great in both the game and menu screens as do the pedals used to accelerate and brake.

Audi A4 Driving Challenge Sound
There is no sound is Audi A4 Challenge. Given that this game is essentially a glorified commercial I am surprised the developers didn’t include engine sounds or subliminal messages playing from an in game radio.
Audi A4 Driving Challenge Gameplay
In Audi A4 Driving Challenge you race against time because there are no other cars to race against. The game doesn’t even include simulated results from ghost cars. It’s just you and your Audi A4. To make your car go, press the on screen acceleration pedal. To stop, press the brake pedal. Turning your Audi is done by tilting the iPhone’s accelerometer left of right. Complete the laps as fast as you can while hitting as few cones as possible. It’s impossible to crash and you’ll always move onto the next course no matter how bad your driving skills are, so, really it doesn’t matter how fast you go or how many cones you hit.
The courses in Audi A4 Driving Challenge are overly narrow. The steering controls are too sensitive and the courses are ultra repetitive. The whole experience feels claustrophobic, underwhelming and boring. There is no way to loose the game and no reward for winning. After playing though all five laps I discovered that much better results could be achieved by not steering. I would simply hold down the accelerator, close my eyes and let the car bounce around the outside of the course. If tilted just right, you can keep cone contact to a minimum and usually achieve pretty good results.  In another TiltGamer created variation,  I tried to hit all the cones . . .much more fun than the intended game play.
Audi A4 Driving Challenge Price
Audi A4 Driving Challenge is an ad supported game. While there is no cost to download the game, the whole thing is a commercial . . .and not a very good one at that.
Audi A4 Driving Challenge Summary
Audi A4 driving challenge is a feeble attempt by a car company to capture the attention of iPhone users. The game plays horribly, lacks a significant amount of features and has almost zero replay value. While there are some commercials (like the Olympic Visa commericals) worth watching, I would suggest you fast forward this one at all costs.



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