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Angry Bird fully cracked
Angry Birds is an addictive bird-flinging casual game, which has proved one of the most popular iOS games of all time.
Your mission in this raucous iPhone game is to destroy all the green pigs by catapulting birds at them. This wouldn't be too difficult, except for the fact the hogs are holed up inside fortified castles which you need to smash into in order to enter. As the levels progress, these fortresses become ever more hard to break down, so Angry Birds requires a bit of lateral thinking as well as a steady aim.
To fire a bird you simply pull back on the catapult, adjust the trajectory, then release your finger. You can shoot four birds per turn, and if you don't destroy every pig then you'll have to start the level again. There are more than 100 levels across four worlds, so it'll be a long time before you get bored of Angry Birds.
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